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by Megan

Have you ever started a creative project and loved it so much you couldn’t help but want to share it with others? Me, too!  That’s how this whole little thing started. I loved breaking open a new notebook or journal, all the potential it held, all the different things I could organize in it, the writing I could do, all the travel photos I could paste inside…


But then, inevitably, I got curious about how I could do more than just write things inside of it. I wanted to learn how to make the notebooks and journals. Like most people I started reading books and watching tutorials, and I fell in love. Learning the ways old books were made and how you could hand stitch your own together.  And oddly enough, my husband really enjoyed it, too. We started making all different kinds of journals, covers, binding techniques, and on and on.


And that was always followed up with new ways to use the many journals we made. Bullet journaling, junk journaling, travel journaling, note taking, recipe bindering (that’s probably not a word), and so on. We also started sharing them with others – gifting them to family, giving away to folks we thought might enjoy them, and selling them so that others could try them out as well.


Then we had an idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to share all of that with others? They might enjoy learning to make them as much as they do using them, just like us. And Compass & Ink popped into existence as an idea, and then as this little spot on the web.  We hope you enjoy it!