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Black Friday Deals for Crafters

by Megan
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I love Black Friday deals but hate the lines for Black Friday. I used to work in a mall when I was younger, and it made me NEVER want to go to stores on that day (or that weekend for that matter). I know for others though Black Friday shopping is a family holiday tradition where you break out your fun holiday sweaters, put some cocoa in a thermos and brave the cold for awesome deals on presents!

For me though, you’ll find me shopping the online deals. No lines. Hot cocoa and sweaters on the couch at home is my kinda holiday weekend.  

In preparation, I’ve started hunting down some of those deals early (some of which have already started!) and collecting a list of the deals I’m interested in. I’m sharing them here in case you’re on the lookout too!

And keep an eye out, I’ll be updating this page as I come across more deals!

(Transparency note: I often link to resources in my blog posts that I believe are useful and these are sometimes affiliate links. That means if you choose to purchase through my links, I may make a small commission with no extra charge to you.)



We’re running a 40% off sale when you spend $10 or more in our shop. So if you’ve been wanting to try out printables for the first time or just been looking to make a Christmas themed journal, head over to the Compass and Ink Shop and get some!  This deal starts 11/26 and runs through 12/3!


Cricuts are on sale, big time! Whether you’re looking for the Cricut Explore Air 2 or you’re ready to invest in the Cricut Maker they’ve got really great deals this year on Amazon. I know I’ll be getting one! 


If you don’t have Prime or would rather just check out the original  – check out Cricut.com for more amazing deals. They’ve also got some steep discounts, and some of their bundles are really fantastic deals especially if you’re just getting started like the Cricut Explore Airâ„¢ Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set  or just grab one of the Cricut memberships like Cricut Access Premium where you can get access to tons of photos, graphics, and discounts!


Die Cutting Machines

If you’re not ready for a Cricut but you do wish you had a die cutting machine, this year is the year to get one. The Sizzix Big Shot is on sale: 



Crafting Classes


Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew or knit, but haven’t had the time and don’t know anyone who can teach you? Bluprint probably has a class for that!  They’ve got everything from paper crafts to woodworking to jewelry making, and they even offer kits to get you started.  Right now Bluprint is offering 50% off their classes for Black Friday and a free trial for their membership so get it while you can! 



It’s also a really great time to get a new printer if you’ve been thinking about it.  I rave all the time about my tank printer. It creates gorgeous prints and saves tons of ink. If you’re a fan of printables (make sure you join our Resource Library if you haven’t yet) you probably go through a ton of it. I know I wanted to cry at how often I was going through printer cartridges.  With a tank printer, you just fill up the tank with ink which you can buy in bulk at a much more affordable price! 

There are some great deals going on, like this Epson EcoTank on Amazon:



Craft Supply Shipping

And if you’re shopping online and don’t have Amazon Prime, make sure you check out the 30 day free trial Prime membership. In my experience, its a great deal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run out of a craft supply, really not wanted to have to trudge out into a store. I log in to Amazon and they almost always have it next day delivery! I love it. 

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