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January 2019 Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

by Megan
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How is it possible we’re only a few days away from January 2019? It feels like 2018 just flew by. I hope you all are having a great end to your year and are ready for the new one!

This year I’m experimenting with creating my own bullet journals. While I have some favorites of the premade variety, I’ve been really loving getting to pick my own paper, assemble my own pages and customizing every element. I know for some people that will be more than they want to take on – but for me its been the only way to get the exact bullet journal/planner that I want.

The other beauty of doing it this way means that I can make many of my spreads ahead of time, and I’ve really been enjoying creating printables as part of that process. That’s what I did this month and I’ve been liking the way they turned out.

Here’s what my January monthly spread for my bullet journal looks like:

2019 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

I also love that doing it this way means I don’t have to remake my mini calendar over and over again (yay!). I’ve just been tucking them in the corners of otherwise blank pages and it’s been really helpful.

I’m hoping to put together a plan with me video soon – I’ll keep you posted, but you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to make sure you see the latest.

If you’re interested in getting your own copy of these printables to make your life a little easier this month, I’ve got them up on Etsy in A5, half letter, and letter sizes. You can print them off like I do and create your own bullet journal or traveler’s notebook, or you can print them on sticker paper and place them straight into your favorite bullet journal.

And of course, I’ve got a little something extra for those in the Compass & Ink VIP community. I’ve posted this cover page to the resource library, so you can get started on your January spread:

If you’re not already a member of the VIP community, don’t worry – you can sign up today. You’ll get bullet journal tips and hacks straight into your inbox, the latest from me, and as a bonus free printables like this one in the resource library! Sign up for our newsletter here:


If you’re still working on setting up your bullet journal or if 2019 will be the first year for your bullet journal, here are some resources that might help:

How to Start a Bullet Journal

Budget Bullet Journal Supplies to Get You Started


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