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Vintage French Ephemera and Printables

by Megan
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It’s hard not to love old French ephemera. The curls and embellishments on the cursive writing, fun French words like “Rue”, and the beautiful scenery of medieval city squares and of course, the Eiffel Tower all make for gorgeous elements and themes in journals and crafting.  Not to mention the fashion and beauty advertisements!

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So today I’ve gathered up some free and low cost french ephemera and printables that you can use in your junk journals and other crafts!

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Vintage French Ephemera and Printables

There’s this gorgeous Hotel de France collage by ArtsyBee (they have tons of gorgeous free collages and ephemera on Pixabay and are definitely worth checking out!)

These absolutely gorgeous french papers and overlays at Creative Market:

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These French women circa 1790 from the NYPL collection:

Another by ArtsyBee, featuring the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower:



An architectural drawing of a Chateau:


And here’s this little bit of balloon themed ephemera:

And this butterfly and post card design (I told you ArtsyBee had tons of great free printables!)

These gorgeous French floral overlays on Creative Market:

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This minty colored Eiffel Tower image: 

And how about a little French geometry circa 1912?

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This old map out of a French book: 

Another French postcard by ArtsyBee: 

And more French collections on Creative Market: 


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