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5 Junk Journal Page Ideas

Junk Journal

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Once you’ve got the basics of making a junk journal down, you’re going to want to experimenting with different papers, styles and pages. There’s so many different ways to create pages in your journal that really, your imagination is the only limit (and even then, there’s always Pinterest!) So I’ve put a few junk journal page ideas together for you.

These junk journal ideas are by no means the only way. This is merely a guide to get you inspired, and as always I’d love to hear more from you in the comments about ideas you’ve had for your junk journal pages!


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5 Junk Journal Page Ideas:

The Tuck Spot Page

A tuck spot page is simply a place in your journal where you can tuck something behind something else, usually a tag, piece of ephemera, or journaling card. You can usually achieve this by gluing two sides of a piece of paper or a doily to create a place to slide something behind. These usually aren’t very deep and make just enough to “tuck” something behind, either from the side or from the top. They’re super easy to make and allow you to add some interest to an otherwise plain page.

The Pocket Junk Journal Page

Similar to a tuck spot page, with a junk journal pocket page you’re creating a space to tuck something behind. Or in this case usually multiple pages. Pockets are usually made by gluing three sides of a piece of paper, ephemera, or other item down so there’s just one spot to slide your other pieces in (unlike the tuck where you usually have a couple of angles to slide in from.

Putting tabs on the sides you plan to glue down will help you add a little more room in your pockets, letting you put more items in.  Since pockets are often bigger and deeper than tuck spots, you can put more pieces of ephemera and tags in them.

The Collage Page

The collage page is one of my favorite pages because it’s so versatile. You can use scraps from other pages to put together a beautiful piece of collage art and its a great excuse to dip into your bin full of random odds and ends and use them up. It’s also a fantastic way to cover up any mistakes or pages that didn’t work out how you’d hoped.  I like using collage pages to cover up the white side of one-sided scrapbook paper. Basically, collage pages are the swiss knives of the junk journal world!

The Belly Band Page

Another page you can use in your junk journal is the belly band page. I love using them to add a pop of color or a bit of interest to an otherwise simple page. They work great for tucking tags in like I did here, but they also make great places to put floating pockets or loose envelopes without having to attach them to a page with a clip.

The Fold-Over  Junk Journal Page

One fold. Two folds. Three folds. However many you want! You can do on simple foldover and clip it to create a temporary tuck spot or pocket. You can add more folds to create some tactile interest in your journal, even creating an accordion style journal page. Another option is to attach more pages or a booklet to your folds. I love this method because it adds a sort of “hidden” element to your journal.


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  1. Awesome 👏🏽 😎 post!
    I just finished a junk journal for a boy and I know what you’re talking about. Except for the Tuck Spot I have included all that you mention here. It’s great 👍🏽 to have your own work asserted by an expert on the subject ❣️

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