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Vintage Bird Images and Ephemera

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One of my favorite things about my backyard was that it backed up to a bit of forest which meant lots and lots of birds nesting and buzzing about our yard – everything from cardinals to hummingbirds to eagles. They were gorgeous, and I love using prints of them in my journals to add a bit of interest. 

So today we’ve got a few of those for you, whether you want to collage them into your writing or bullet journal, or use them as tucks and tags in your junk journal – I hope these vintage bird images help you make your journals a little bit more beautiful! 

I love love love this birthday greeting – the colors, the flowers – everything about it! 


Singer always seems to have the cutest vintage images, and these Australian birds are a perfect example of that. 


These would make perfect tags and journaling cards!

And of course, a book page for all my junk journaling friends out there…

These owls are something else!

I was so excited about finding this vintage flamingo illustration. I feel like its pretty common to find vintage song bird images, but birds like this one are harder find!

The colors on this hummingbird are just beautiful!

This last one would look amazing as a tuck in a journal with our Amateur Biologist Junk Journal Kit.


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  1. I just discovered your site from a link from Heather Green (HG Designs), another marvelous designer who share so much – like you do. Just reading this first page I know I love your site. I usually go about the day thinking how rude, lazy and nasty most people are. Then I discover someone like you – talented, generous, intelligent – and I rediscover what a good place the earth can be. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Wow these pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your art, I am in early stages of junk journaling and have found that I am quickly becoming addicted to it. I love making these books and look forward to making them even better as I continue to learn about this process. Thank you again for sharing your beauty.

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