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The Best Vintage Rose Themed Junk Journal Printables and Ephemera

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Vintage rose themed junk journals are a standard mainstay of the junk journaling world and for good reason. There’s just something about the beauty of roses tinged with the aged look of old paper that makes really beautiful and romantic looking books. Add in some lace and some old ephemera, and you have something truly gorgeous. I know I’m currently working on one myself.

While I was doing that I started gathering a list of some of my favorite vintage rose themed junk journal printables and ephemera (and some scrapbook paper too!) that I thought I’d share with all of you in case you were looking for some of the same. This list contains both free and paid resources, but all are gorgeous and look stunning in a journal!

(Transparency note: I often link to resources in my blog posts that I believe are useful and these are sometimes affiliate links. That means if you choose to purchase through my links, I may make a small commission with no extra charge to you. For more info you can read more in my privacy and disclosure policy.)


Nectar’s Creations “Letters From Rose”

This junk journal kit is utterly gorgeous and I can’t rave about it enough. I’ve incorporated it into my current journal and it just adds the perfect touch of color. The mix of the pinks with robin’s egg blue and the vintage aging makes it hard to resist. The full collection is available for sale on Etsy for a very reasonable price and she offers a free bonus printable on her website.

Peachy Rose Garden Junk Journal Printables

peachy rose junk journal kit
Obviously this is my own creation so I have to like it, right? But I needed a peachy vintage color for one rose themed journal I was making and was having trouble finding anything in that shade so I created these. There’s lots of vintage ephemera collaged in the background and the vintage roses even had a peachy shade. They’re perfect for spring-themed journals too.

Eclectic Anthology’s Vintage Flower Graphics Pack

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Filled with gorgeous vintage rose ephemera this pack is perfect for printing and fussy cutting, or for incorporating into your own printables. It’s a mainstay for me in my journaling – whether I’m making a rose themed journal or not!

Digital Curio’s Red Rose Bee Kit

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Red roses and bees? With honeycomb patterns and richly colored roses? Yes, please. If there’s anything I love more than roses in my journal its bees and honeycombs. This kit is beautiful (and frankly, Digital Curio has dozens of gorgeous kits for junk journalers. So many you could get lost in them and they’re super affordable!)

L. Prang & Co’s Roses on the New York Public Library Site

These rose-themed art cards are free to use, and make for ready-made printable journaling cards.

Compass & Ink’s Vintage Rose Post Card Ephemera

These tags and post cards are available for free to our VIP Resource Library members. I designed them to use in my own rose themed journals, but thought that others might enjoy them as well!

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Ornate Framed Roses Paper on Pixabay

vintage rose framed junk journal printable

This beautiful rose paper from Pixabay. I love the frame and the script (and also that it’s free!)

1799 Rose Wreath

1799 rose wreath junk journal ephemera

This beautiful rose wreath from 1799 just takes you back in time. And there’s just something that makes me smile about having a piece of 18th century ephemera in my journal. It’s available in the NY Public Library collection here in higher quality printable format.

Prima Marketing’s Poetic Rose

With beautiful pastel toned pages, the Prima Poetic Rose collection has vintage flair paired with what feels like a french cottage inspired rose theme. And their papers come with lots of designed-for ephemera and paper additives like these tickets that make a themed journal incredibly easy

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